How Often Should My Chimney Be Cleaned? | Chimney Sweep Colorado Springs

The job of a chimney sweep in Colorado Springs is to remove debris and build-up in your chimney. Over time, creosote (a flammable substance which builds up in your chimney or liner from burning wood) can produce unsafe conditions.   Because creosote and other debris accumulate in your chimney, it’s recommended to have your chimney […]

Breached flue 2014

Back puffing – have you had this problem?

Specialty caps and cap dampers can solve back puffing problems[/caption]As the weather gets colder and we close up our homes, turn on the furnace and use our fireplaces, we sometimes experience smoke coming back into the room.  Why does this happen? The underlying cause is negative pressure.  When your home is closed up, your appliances […]

Thank You-Volunteers


As we come to the end of the “active” portion of the Black Forest Fire, it is time for reflections and resolutions.   Reflections on the valor, courage and faith of our first responders and the community at large.  We will probably never know of all the heroism that occurred during this incredible event.  In spite […]

Now is the time to prepare your firewood for next fall 1

We’ve put our winter coats away (we hope!), the sun is shining and although there are still some cooler evenings, for the most part you are probably thinking you are done using the fireplace until next fall.  So you don’t need to replenish your woodpile until August or September, right?  Wrong!  Now is the time […]

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Flue Caps Stainless

3 Reasons to have a Flue Cap 2

Reason # 1 Spring is in the air and the critters are on the move.  Mama raccoon is looking for a good, safe place to birth her “kits” and if you have a masonry chimney without a flue cap, you may be chosen for her new home.  A good quality flue cap installed correctly will […]