Is my dryer vent clogged?

Cleaning the lint trap in your dryer is an everyday activity, not performed by superheroes.  It’s a task we perform many times a week.  We wash a load of clothes, transfer it to the dryer, clean out the lint trap, shut the door, turn it on and walk away.  We don’t […]

How to Chose a Wood Stove

Wood stoves are becoming the popular choice for heating homes on a budget and cutting heating bills during winter months in Colorado Springs. The following will help guide you in choosing your next Colorado Springs wood stove. Before shopping for wood stove sales and wood stove installation for your home, […]

Common Chimney Problems | Colorado Springs Chimney Sweep  As a local Colorado Springs chimney sweep, we see plenty of chimney issues.  Some problems are simple fixes and some problems are bigger and more costly because they’re not caught early. The following are common chimney problems that can often be avoided when […]

How Often Should My Chimney Be Cleaned? | Chimney Sweep Colorado Springs

The job of a chimney sweep in Colorado Springs is to remove debris and build-up in your chimney. Over time, creosote (a flammable substance which builds up in your chimney or liner from burning wood) can produce unsafe conditions.   Because creosote and other debris accumulate in your chimney, it’s […]


As we come to the end of the “active” portion of the Black Forest Fire, it is time for reflections and resolutions.   Reflections on the valor, courage and faith of our first responders and the community at large.  We will probably never know of all the heroism that occurred during […]